Life on the Quisil river is better.

Without a doubt, Huehuetenango is absolutely a region you must visit when going to Guatemala. Due to its size and varying altitudes, it has a varying climate and magnificent landscapes. The majority of the people living in this region is still of Mayan descent. They are living together with nature in this beautiful area. To protect it and to show this kind of remote places to the tourists.

Every month we have a special trip to promote tourism to rather unexplored spots. This month we had a trip planned to Río Quisil. Vamonos pues!!! Leaving Quetzaltenango at sunrise, direction Huehuetenango.  The first break was in the city of Huehuetenango to have a local breakfast. After we had some food, I suppose everybody had the energy to go to la Sierra de los Cuchumatanes and Río Quisil.

Sierra de los Cuchumatanes is the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America. Throughly stunning to drive through and the view from the Mirador is breathtaking. Afterwards we saw the most beautiful rock formations before arriving in San Francisco Las Flores.

We were hosted in the little community of San Francisco Las Flores. A guide was waiting for us to show the beauty of this quiet and remote place. The two main attractions here are the Quisil river and the lagoon. But before seeing it, we had to walk 15 minutes. Once we came closer you could here the different waterfalls, the sound of it was so powerful.

How wonderful is that river? The colors of the water were just out of this world. So blue! And even though the color seems tropical, the temperature was not. We had the opportunity to dive into the river and of course I did. But it was so freezing cold. After warming up again in the sun we had to walk half an hour to the lagoon. And this place was just as breathtaking as the other one. In the middle of the Guatemalan nature with a waterfall every 100 meters. Unbelievable and definately a recommendation if you’re looking for something unexplored and authentic.

It was already quite late and we had a 5 hour drive on the way back to Xela. But the atmosphere in the group was nice, so we had a great ending of a great day at the Quisil river in Huehuetenango.

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