The Necrotour: A cultural walk through the cemetery of Xela

The Necrotour is a tour through the cemetery, a grand tradition in Europe where it is common for tourists to visit the catacombs. In Guatemala, small steps are being taken and some cemeteries have decided to open their gates to curious people and organize specific routes.

In Quetzaltenango, besides its obvious function, some understand that the cemetery is of cultural importance. The city has made it a museum and it is now considered a tourist activity in the city.

The Necrotour focuses on themes like architecture, history, art and symbols inside the cemetery. Of course we will also talk about the legends from the regions of Quetzaltenango. The Necrotour is great to do with a full moon, to really see the beauty of the Cemetery of the city. It is the oldest working cemetery of Guatemala.

An important note is that part of the proceeds of the tour are used for preservation and renovation of the installations. During the tour, you will be able to visit La Loma, a place dedicated for people of low income. You will also see the presidential mausoleum, some gothic chapels and Monuments of the Martyrs of the Revolution “Sexto Estado De Los altos”. The last one being from the period in which the city of Xela got independence from Guatemala.

The towers of “Sexto Estado” are in honour of the martyrs of the revolution. They are important people of Quetzaltenango. A local point of interest would be the tomb of Vanushka, an icon inside the city.  The tradition says that anyone who leaves a rose on her tomb, will find love.


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